Holiday Fitness Pro Tips: 3 Hacks for Holiday Fitness Success

 Everyone can use a little help around the holidays staying accountable to their health & wellness.  Read on to see Studio South's top hacks for this season!



1.  IHRSA Membership

During the holidays, many of you will be traveling and may not be near Studio South Fitness.  However, the studio can still give you access to the gym from thousands of miles away. 

As a member of IHRSA (the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association), Studio South can allow you access to other gyms that are also IHRSA members.  While traveling, simply ask your local gym if they are an IHRSA member and they should offer a discounted day pass up for at least 50% off!

An IHRSA Passport can also get you into any IHRSA gym, too.  Ask any one of our staff for assistance and we can help get you set up with a passport.

Check out IHRSA’s website here and read more about the IHRSA Passport program here:


2.  Keep Your Routine

Keeping to your routine is paramount to ensuring you fit a workout in while traveling or just taking a break from the rest of your schedule.  If you lift every Tuesday and Thursday, for example, make sure to stick to those days even if you are on vacation. 

While traveling, you may not be able to control what kind of gym facilities or equipment is available to you; but you can at least control the days and times you exercise.  When much is far from routine during the holidays, feeling in control of something small like your daily schedule will help you continue coming back for more exercise!  

When you stick to your routinized “cues” for working out, such as committing Tuesdays and Thursdays to a lift, exercise then becomes a habit.  As cited in the Health Education Research journal, because habit is more reliable than plain intention or other behaviors, establishing a habit is critical to ensuring you squeeze exercise in during the holidays.  Read the whole study from Health Education Research here:

3.  Avoid Excess, But Don’t Sweat the Sweets!

During the Christmas season, there are so many treats at holiday office parties, family gatherings, and peppered throughout the grocery store.  The temptations are definitely abundant and, often times, overwhelming.  You might find yourself thinking, “There’s no way I can say no to all these temptations!  Why not just give up and indulge in them all?” 

Our pro tip for avoiding this particular mindset is to go into the holiday season with reasonable expectations.  Do not try to be too extreme on either end of the spectrum!  Rather, don’t sweat the sweets; enjoy a couple treats, but avoid excess.

And if you do end up indulging, make sure to keep to hack #2 in check!  Medical News Today cites the advantage of exercise even when you have been overeating:


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