Corporate Wellness: Why You Should Invest in Your Employees’ Health & How to Get Started

 Aren't corporate gym memberships simply a money-sucking luxury offered by only the largest companies?  How do corporate fitness programs even work, anyways?

     As a business owner or manager, it may seem like a hit to your bottom line to invest in a workplace wellness initiative amongst your employees.  How is a gym supposed to benefit MY business? 

We've got four reasons why corporate fitness should be your next investment!  Check them out here:

1.  Employees who invest in their employees’ wellness see, on average, a 28% reduction in sick days and a 26% reduction in health costs.

2.  According to the Coors Wellness Study (yes, even Coors the beer believes in corporate fitness!), workplace wellness also benefits retention: employees are 20% more likely to stay at their current job if a corporate fitness program is in place.

3.  Employees who have at least one health risk are quantifiably less productive than healthy employees.  Getting that mid-day workout in during a lunch break can clear the mind and prep employees for an afternoon of fruitful labor.

4.  Consider the overall ROI:  the average ROI for every dollar invested in workplace wellness programs is $2.38.  So no need to worry - your money is well spent on that gym or health club!


So…  How can I get started saving my business money and time all while making my workplace a healthier, happier place?

     If you’re considering adding a corporate wellness program for the benefit of your business, there are a variety of options you can choose from.  Some employers opt for a special package for their company that features weekly small group, or solo, personal training sessions.  Other companies take advantage of corporate membership rates that offer significant discounts on memberships for each employee.  At Studio South Fitness, you just need three employees to begin receiving a corporate discount.

     Your gym or health club can also track attendance of employees in order to offer an attendance-based reimbursement option for employers.  If you are considering another unique option, simply consult with your local gym or health club to get a program started that fits your needs!


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