Group Fitness Aids in Cancer Recovery: A Unique Benefit of Group Exercise

Group exercise has many compelling advantages, but did you know it also has been proven to aid in the recovery of breast cancer patients?  Read more here!


We all know group fitness has a plethora of benefits.  There’s a qualified instructor who provides structure by ensuring each exercise is completed effectively.   Classes offer participants routine as well as extra motivation and accountability to show up to the gym.  Additionally, group fitness offers variety and exposure to new workouts.

To add to this list and showcase the wide-reaching benefits of group exercise, we found a study that elaborates on how group fitness has helped improve the lives of female cancer patients.

In a study conducted in Scotland involving women with breast cancer, it was found that group exercise had noteworthy “functional and psychological” benefits that aided in the research participants’ recovery.  The women in the study were involved in a twelve week group exercise program of 45 minute classes in addition to their treatments (classes obviously were tailored to their specific needs as cancer patients).

The women were monitored during their program and engaged in follow-up with researchers six months after their program ended.  The participants, in comparison to a control group of women not involved in the exercise program, had overall less doctor visits and less overnight hospital stays.  Participants also reported positive mood levels in the six months after their program ended and had improved shoulder mobility as well as improved 12 minute walk tests.

Typically, once a woman is diagnosed and begins treatment for breast cancer, her level of physical activity during and after treatment drops dramatically.  This drop in physical activity can be a roadblock in achieving overall health and wellness for a group of people who should be especially mindful of restoring their well-being.

Researchers were not sure if the “group experience” or availability of the program was most significant, but either way, it is clear that group exercise made a positive difference in the lives of these women!


Click here to read the full case study.


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