5 Great Reasons to Try Aerial Yoga

Why limit your yoga practice to the floor? Here are just a few reasons you should get into the swing of things with Aerial Yoga.

1. Aerial Yoga is for everyone!
It doesn't take a gymnast to enjoy the weightless sensation of Aerial Yoga. It's a relatively low-intensity workout and the more challenging moves can be modified to accommodate different skill levels. The hammocks provide support and enable even those with minor mobility issues to perform the poses with correct alignment while reducing pressure on the back and neck.

2. Improve your sense of body position and balance.
Aerial Yoga uses a silk hammock to support the weight of the body. The movement of the hammock causes your body to make small adjustments constantly, honing the way your body refines its movements. 
Practitioners of Aerial Yoga have reported an increase in their ability to move fluidly and an improvement in their performance of other physical activities.

3. Sway into serenity.
One of the great benefits of yoga is the calming effect it has on the mind. With the use of the aerial hammock, the body is soothed with a gentle rocking motion. These motions can synchronize the two sides of the brain and have been linked to an increase in theta brain waves which are related to deep meditation.

4. Mix it up!
Even if you have a favorite yoga class, it's always nice to mix things up on occasion. Trying new things can inspire a sense of wonder and amazement in your own potential and ability. Wonder keeps us young. Stepping away from old routines can help to build confidence. The positive results of Aerial Yoga will translate into all aspects of your life, making you healthier and happier.

5. Feel like a kid again!
If you have fond childhood memories of hanging from trees or reaching for the sky on the swing-set - get ready to relive your past! With Aerial Yoga you can learn to fly! Who knew that something so good for you could be so much fun?


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